Introducing Return Management System For Shopify

I am Happy to announce the release of our 2nd Shopify App.  It is a Return management System built to ease the pain associated with handling returns.

The App has 2 main objectives:

  • To reduce the time spent by store owners on handling returns
  • Allow Shop Owners to maintain a complete history of Returns in one place.
  • To provide insights to Store owners about which items are returned the most.

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Enhancing the Custom Order Status App

We have recently updated the Custom Order Status App with a few enhancements. These are small but important changes which make the App more intuitive.  Here are they:

1. View Order Details inside the App

It is now possible to view order details without leaving the App. This change will save time and reduce back and forth. For convenience , the app also links to the order detail page in Shopify

2. Search for Orders based on products

It is now possible to search for orders based on product name. So if you want to list all orders containing a particular product you can now do that easily.

3. Bulk Update of Custom Status

So you want to Assign the Status “Backordered ” to dozens of orders? It is now possible with the Bulk Update Feature.

4. Private Notes

It is now possible to attach private notes to orders inside the App. The private notes are separate from the Shopify Order Notes and are only accessible to the Admin. It is also possible to “Bulk Create” the Notes


Introducing Custom Order Status App for Shopify

I am really happy to introduce our very first Shopify App, The Custom Order Status App.

We built this product for merchants who sell custom made items and want to automatically update customers about the status of their ordered items.

Shopify, by default allow only two order states , Fulfilled / Unfulfilled and Paid / Unpaid.  Yes, it is possible to add order-tags but it is not possible send notification on tag updates.

The Custom Order Status App enables shop owners to assign a custom status to orders and automatically notify customers on status change.  The App allows you to create unlimited custom status setting like “In- Process”, “BackOrdered”, “Under Inspection” etc. and assign them to orders. It also lets you automatically send notifications on status change. Continue Reading