Introducing Return Management System For Shopify

I am Happy to announce the release of our 2nd Shopify App.  It is a Return management System built to ease the pain associated with handling returns.

The App has 2 main objectives:

  • To reduce the time spent by store owners on handling returns
  • Allow Shop Owners to maintain a complete history of Returns in one place.
  • To provide insights to Store owners about which items are returned the most.

Here is a broad list of Features:

Intuitive Front End

The App front-end allows customers to create return request without logging in. Customers can search for their order and select multiple items to include in the request.  Customer can also select Return Reason and desired resolution. It is also possible to attach images to the request.

Extensive Back-end Options

  • RMS App comes with a feature packed Back-end which lets you configure the system according to your needs. Here are few of the features available in backend
  • Automatic generation of RMA series.
  • Shop Owner can define Return Window
  • It is possible to create Custom Status , custom reasons and custom resolution type.  It is also possible to trigger email notifications at the time of status change
  • Admin can apply status to each line item in the return request. This allows you to handle situations related to partial returns.
  • Reports lets Admin see which items have been returned the most. This will help Shop Owners in taking better product related decisions.


If you use Excel to keep track of returns I would strongly suggest to try out the App.  Maintaining Excel is  a pain.  You will need to log everything manually. However with the App , All requests are logged and are searchable. It also automates few tasks like preventing return after return window has expired.  It is simply not possible with excel.

Do give the App a try. I am sure it will save you at-least a couple of days every month.

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