Introducing Custom Order Status App for Shopify

I am really happy to introduce our very first Shopify App, The Custom Order Status App.

We built this product for merchants who sell custom made items and want to automatically update customers about the status of their ordered items.

Shopify, by default allow only two order states , Fulfilled / Unfulfilled and Paid / Unpaid.  Yes, it is possible to add order-tags but it is not possible send notification on tag updates.

The Custom Order Status App enables shop owners to assign a custom status to orders and automatically notify customers on status change.  The App allows you to create unlimited custom status setting like “In- Process”, “BackOrdered”, “Under Inspection” etc. and assign them to orders. It also lets you automatically send notifications on status change. 


We were planning to start with Shopify Apps for some time now. I stumbled upon this thread while researching for ideas.  The thread talks about how difficult it is to assign custom updates to orders in Shopify.  The most surprising part was that even though the problem statement and specs were clearly laid out, there was no existing App which actually provided the right blend of Usability, Functionality and Price.  So we made a decision and decided to create this App.

It took us 3 months from conceptualization to beta release. Since this was our first Shopify App it took us considerable time to research and understand the Shopify API. We spend the first 2 months in studying and playing with the Shopify API.


The Biggest benefit of the app is that it enables Shop owners to keep Customers Updated on the progress of their order. This in turn leads to reduced support request and increased customer satisfaction.  And as we all know,  satisfied customers tend to spend more :-)

So I bet that this App will not only save time but in all possibility it will also add to the Store’s bottom-line.



Here is a list fo features supported by the App

1. Simple Interface

As a Business Owner you have millions of things on your mind and navigating a complex user interface is something that you can do without. We have made sure that it will not take you more than 15 minutes to master the App Interface.

2. Unlimited Status Settings

The Custom-Order-Status app allows you to create UNLIMITED status settings. Each Status can have a different color code so you can quickly glance through

3. Quickly Toggle between Status

Quickly Change Order Status with One click. Yes.. its that simple!!

4. Trigger Custom Email Notifications

Automatically update the customer when Order status changes. This feature has the potential to greatly reduce customer support requests and increase customer satisfaction. It is also possible to disable notification for every status, so you are in complete control.

5. Personalize Email Notifications

Use Merge Tags to personalize the Order Status Notifications.

6. Integrated Order LookUp Screen

Add a simple Order LookUp form on your Shopify Store and allow customers to track their Order. Customers will also see the “Custom-Status” assigned to the particular order.


This is our first App and there are lot more products we are planning to release in near future. Giver Custom Order Status a try, I am sure you will like it.

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